Learn an easy step-by-step process to create your own personalized Mala

Sign-up here to download The Art of Mala Making Guide, a step-by-step visual tutorial that teaches you how to create your own mala and how to use it in your spiritual practice. Making a mala by hand allows you the opportunity to create a meaningful and powerful adornment infused with your own devotion and energy!

What you’ll find inside the guide:

✂️Full step-by-step visual tutorial guide to meditatively creating your mala

✂️ Supply list

✂️Instructions for using your mala for meditation

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The Power of Malas

Malas have been used for centuries across many spiritual traditions, helping the wearer keep count of the number of times a mantra is repeated during meditation. The necklace itself can also be a powerful amplifier of creative and spiritual energies, depending on the colors and beads chosen.

Who's Behind this Guide?

Woman Shops World offers a cohesive and uncommon globally-inspired line of craft supplies that empowers you to create with confidence, without the stress of product flaws and frustrations.

We are a family-owned company and value ethical and responsible sourcing and production from our artisans around the world. Our handmade goods are designed to inspire a sense of wanderlust and fascination with the world, and remind us all of our interconnectedness and ability to find the magic in the details.